Monday, December 08, 2008

Goodies from Chronicle Books

Dear Kelly,

My mom was here this weekend and we went to that book warehouse nearby. I got all these super cute sets from Chronicle Books (my favorite publisher! Is it weird to have a favorite publisher?)
Do you have these? Do you want any of them? I can go back to get them for you, if you want :)

I think they also had the Stitch-It Kit by Jenny Hart and the Winter Knits Kit.



kelly said...

Awesome score! I haven't seen the Craft Pad in person -- is it great? I love embroidery. I don't do enough of it.

If it's weird to have a favorite publisher, then I'm weird. Cause I love Chronicle as well. You know they have a *store* in SF? (You have GOT to come visit me!)

They've extended their Friends and Family sale this week, you know (35% off + free shipping -- not as good of a deal as yours, but pretty sweet). It goes through tomorrow (Weds, Dec 9). Enter FRIENDS at the checkout. Just in case there are some more Chronicle Books you need! ;)

esque said...

The Sukie labels are To.Die.For.
So jealous!


Shayne said...

I was telling my mom about how Chronicle has a store in SF... and she said maybe we'd have to take a trip to visit you *and* the bookstore :)