Monday, December 08, 2008

The Gift of Craft

Dear Shayne,

I love to get craft supplies as a gift! My friend JP (you remember JP -- I made her this bag earlier this year) surprised me this week with some beautiful Aboriginal fabric from her recent trip to Australia. Check it out:
Aboriginal print fabric

It's hard to tell from the photo, but those are three different prints. Each piece of fabric is about 12 x60 inches and includes a story by the artist about the print itself. The stories are so interesting and add a nice dimension -- I feel a connection with the artists that I don't feel when I pick up fabrics at my local fabric store.

This photo does not do the prints justice, as they are so vibrant and intricate. Really beautiful work.

Not sure yet what I'll do with them, but that's the beauty of craft supplies: the gift that keeps on giving!



Shayne said...

Very pretty! Perhaps a tote bag?

JenniferNabers said... presents to you for upcoming birthday & Christmas aren't *nearly* that exciting. Go JP! Tell her I said hi!