Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bazaar Bizarre: Cupcakes!

Dear Shayne,

Last weekend, I went to Bazaar Bizarre. I did buy a couple of things, but the lighting has been so bad after work this week that I haven't taken photos yet -- I'll get to it this weekend.

The only thing I did photograph had to be snapped on the spot because I ate it immediately. It was a delicious cupcake:

Vanilla with vanilla frosting, which is one of my favorites. And this cupcake? Oh, to die for! It was SO good.

When I went to look up the company, Sugar Beat Sweets, I was amazed to find out they were vegan! I've had vegan cupcakes in the past that were basically "ok," but these just blew my mind. Moist cake, creamy frosting, perfect sweetness. The whole nine yards. These cupcakes were flipping amazing. Mmm!

Also? Brilliant idea to sell cupcakes at a craft fair. They were doing a brisk business allll day.



Shayne said...

Looks delish!!!!!!!!!

Victoria said...

Great shot and mouth watering, too!

Andy Darling said...

Mm.. cupcakes are one of my favorites.