Monday, December 22, 2008

The yarn makes this scarf fun

Dear Shayne,

Here's another item I made for Chirstmas -- my grandma does not read this blog [or any others, for that matter], so I don't have to worry about spoiling anything for her. I made her this scarf:
Scarf for Grandma

This yarn was so fun to knit with! It's super-duper soft and it's got three distinct textures. I call them fuzzy, ribbon-y, and nubby:
Scarf close up
(Unfortunately, I did not take a "stash photo" of it when I bought it and now I cannot find the ball band -- I'll update this later when/if I do.)
Aha! Found it! The yarn is called Pandora Shadow by Trendsetter Yarns. This is colorway 1780: Country Cowboy. It also comes in some much more bold colorways that you can see right here. Looove this yarn.

The best part about knitting with wild yarn like this is that everyone thinks you're doing something fancy. But I wasn't. I just knit and knit and the yarn did all of the work for me.

The scarf itself is sort of short-ish and skinny, but all of my grandma's other scarves are "Dr. Who-style" (her description), so I thought she could use one like this in the fall and the spring.

Did I mention that it's really soft? Photos do not do the softness justice.



Whitney said...

That scarf looks amazing! Is that all 1 type of verigated (sp?) yard or is it 3 different yarns??

kelly said...

It's a single yarn with the three different textures you see here. It just transitions from one texture to the next as you knit.

It's really great -- everyone thinks you're doing something fancy, but it's all in the yarn!

Shayne said...

Oh, wow, that yarn knits up gorgeously! So what did Grandma think??

kelly said...

She liked it alot -- she thought it was three different yarns and wondered how I had put it all together! I cannot believe it fooled her, a life-long knitter.

All hail the cool yarn!

Anonymous said...

love this scarf pattern....where did you get the pattern?


Anonymous said...

Love the pattern of this scarf. Where did you get the pattern? Does it have a name?

Anonymous said...

i have the yarn but can't figure out the pattern. I would love to purchase pattern. Can you help?

kelly said...

Susan -- It's available online right here. Have fun!