Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas cuties

Dear Shayne,

I made these little cuties for my crafting crew at work:
Christmas cuties
The pattern is called Korknisse and I just love these little guys. The pattern calls for a little tassel, but I liked them more gnome-like, so I left it off.

The red ones are all made from wool and the white one is cotton, for my wool-allergic friend here (I know you can relate!)

I am terrible about hoarding wine corks ("But... but... there must be some use for them...") and we have a couple of full containers of them in our kitchen.

I have now used up six.

Go, me!



Shayne said...

Oh my word, these are adorable!!!!!! I wonder how they'd look if their clothes were made of felt? (Acryclic felt, of course!)

SisterDG said...

Okay, those are INSANELY CUTE. I'm looking around for corks right now...

j0zzzz said...

See, hoarding pays off yet again! :)
Now where did I pack that copy of "Clearing Your Clutter with Feng Shui"...