Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Awesome Christmas zine

Dear Shayne,

A week or so ago, I ordered the most awesome Christmas zine created by CraftyPod's amazing Sister Diane and her partner.

Diane is something of a crafting community celebrity -- her podcasts are legendary. In them, she interviews superheroes of the craft world, gives fantastic tutorials, and shares craft inspiration. Not only that, but she keeps a great blog and you can see her work in such venerable publications as Craft magazine and countless others -- I seem to see her byline all over the place. Just so we're clear: she's super cool.

(She also [be still, my fangirl heart] reads this blog. So, um... hi, Diane!)

At any rate, I thought this zine would be fun and boy was I RIGHT. This thing is truly fantastic. I was first impressed by the hand-cut star on the front:

With wrapping paper end pages -- sah-weet!

Shayne, those details right there were enough to sell me on this puppy. But, wait! There's more! The content of this zine is off the charts. Some of it is interesting, some of it sweet, and some of it is downright hilarious -- it's a perfect mix.

My favorite part may be the calendar entitled Your Holiday Disaster Calendar (They're going to happen anyway. Why not plan for them?) It includes time-honored traditions such as wrapping all of your gifts in the same wrap and forgetting to label any of them. Oh, and waking to find the cat having taken down the carefully decorated tree in the middle of the night -- always fun!

There are recipes, carols, tales, facts, trivia, and more. (See a little preview here.) It's 56 pages of Christmas-y goodness and I recommend it for anyone who loves Christmas or who is having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit -- there's something for everyone. Want one for yourself? Good news! You can get yours for the low cost of $5 right here.


PS -- No, this is not a paid endorsement (even though it reads like one). I just really love this zine and wanted to spread the word. Go get yourself one!


Andy Darling said...

I absolutely LOVE this. & if I had a credit card, I would definitely buy one ! Darn. :(

Do you know how long they'll be selling for ?

Shayne said...

I'm an easy sell... I just bought one! Thanks for the tip :)

amy said...

aw, that looks SO awesome!

but i just can't justify paying $4.50 to ship a $5 zine. ouch! i KNOW it doesn't cost nearly that much to mail a zine to canada!

maybe i can convince someone in the US to buy one and swap for it.... (((hint)))

SisterDG said...

Wow, thanks so much, Kelly, for the stellar review!! You have totally made my week. That zine is one of my partner's and my favorite projects all year, and we love sharing it with others!

Amy, on the international shipping - you're right, the postage isn't $4.50. But each international package requires a trip to the Post Office. I don't own a car, so that involves about a 90-minute round trip on public transit. The $4.50 also covers time and train fare. I'm sorry it's a bit high, but it's really the best I can do.