Monday, June 02, 2008

Skull-y print

Dear Shayne,

Last month, I mentioned going to the Pacific Center for the Book Arts (PCBA) Printers' Fair. Remember? I told you about the lovely ladies of PodPost? (I forgot to mention that they gave me a great little zine that day -- I still need to show you that!)

While I was there, I also bought this awesome little print by Daniel González for the skull-y bathroom:
Fantastic skull print

I was originally going to hang it on the wall, but then I set it by the sink and I liked how it makes a little "vignette" with the skull soap dish (containing skull soap made by you, of course -- the soap that first brought us together... awww...):
Skull print in the bathroom

I haven't posted photos lately of the skull-y bathroom, but I have been adding to it -- here's a longer shot of my little vignette, showing some other skull-y items in there now:
More skull items in the bathroom

I'm working on a few other skull-y items yet, but I should post photos of that room soon. Because who doesn't want to see photos of my bathroom, right?



bettyninja said...

So truly impressed by your skull-y bathroom. What a cool theme to pick. Love the skull soaps alot

Shayne said...

I want to see! Is that a skull on a chair on the window sill? Is it a skull getting therapy? Hehehee

The Housewife said...

The skull bathroom is so unique... you really should send some photos to decorating magazines and try to get a feature!

kelly said...

Yes, Shayne, that skull is on a chair, but I never thought of him being in therapy! That's a little box I bought in Portland a few years back. It's made of glass that's soldered together. There are different skull-y images all the way around it... one where the skull is drinking, one on the chair, etc.

I like to turn it around every once in awhile for something fresh to look at while brushing my teeth. :)

Shayne said...

I agree with the housewife! You really ought to submit it to some magazines.