Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blueberry Goodness

Dear Kelly,

I've been on a baking kick lately. Here are some blueberry muffins I made with orange icing:

No special recipes or anything. I'd like to try muffins from scratch, but the ingredients are so much more expensive than the dollar-something mix. For the icing, I added orange juice and zest to a can of vanilla.

I really need to take those Wilton classes to learn propering decorating techniques. Have you ever done that?



kelly said...

Mmmm... these look delicious!

I actually have taken a cake decorating class in the past (surprise, surprise). It wasn't the Wilton one, though -- it was at a place in Berkeley called Spun Sugar.

I never really did much with it after the class, but I can frost a cake very smoothly, which is a satisfying feeling!

The Housewife said...

Oh yum... your muffins look delish! I especially like the decorative orange wedge. On her recommendation, I took the class that Kelly commented on. It was a great class and I came away from it with some good skills. I never had any of my attempts to make a rose look like anything but a pile of goo on a flower nail though.

Dawn said...

Those look very yummy.

Also...we seem to share the same "secret" muffin recipe!