Saturday, June 07, 2008


Dear Shayne,

This settles it. We definitely need to have a giveaway. Because I have won yet another giveaway on someone else's blog and it. is. awesome! (Technically, everyone who entered won, but still... I won!)

So what did I get? Some wonderful striped baker's twine from Wexford Girl! She's an amazing artist that you should go check out. I especially love her fantastic bears, so I was so happy that she also included a bear postcard with my winnings:
I win again!
(Doesn't he have the sweetest look on his face?)

She will be at the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco July 12-13 and I totally think you should come visit me for that! Ready? Go!


1 comment:

Shayne said...

Awesome win! I love bears! What are you going to do with the baker's twine?

We do need to have a giveaway! What do all you loyal readers think about that? :)