Sunday, June 01, 2008

Free yarn giveaway

Dear Shayne,

I know you're allergic to wool, but I also know that we have a few other readers following our little missives here, so for the rest of you: Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm is having a yarn giveaway right now.

You've got one week to enter (she'll pick the winners Sunday, June 8 at 7 pm). Go to this post and make a comment telling her "the best piece of advice you ever got and who gave it to you."

While you're there, you should poke around her blog a bit. They've just had some lambs born and Oh. My. Goodness. The cuteness:

That photo is from this post where you can see many other precious photos of that little baby. Cuuuute! I can't get over that face.



Victoria said...

That baby is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Shayne said...

I needs a baby lamb. Do you think I'd be allergic straight from the source?

kelly said...

Oh! I don't know! You should go pet a lamb and see!

Shayne said...

This whole allergy thing is going to make it hard for Randy and I to start our retirement Fluffy Animal Farm.