Sunday, June 29, 2008

My mom is totally awesome!

Dear Shayne,

Remember those awesome buttons I told you about from Pottern Barn? My mom read that post, is totally awesome, and bought them for me! YEAH!
Giant buttons!
(They're a birthday present. My birthday is six months away. Mom plans ahead.)

If you can believe it, they rock harder in person than they did in the original picture. That big one is huge! My photo here does not do them justice, as I took that practically on my way out the door for vacation. (This week's posts are getting automatically published while I'm gone -- I love technology!)

I just put them out on the dining room table for this pic, but I'll think long and hard about how I arrange them. I'm not fond of PB's choice to put them all in a row -- I think I can do better!

I'll post again when I get home and hang them up. Whee!


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Victoria said...

Those buttons rock and so does your Mom!