Thursday, June 05, 2008

And yes, I still knit

Dear Shayne,

When last I showed you these mitts, I was facing my denial that they needed to be ripped back. I ripped 'em back and actually finished them about a month ago -- I finally got around to having Bill take a picture of me tonight (easier than self-timer):
Little Blue Wristlets: Finished!

I ended up only doing two rows of eyelets around the cuff, rather than the three specified in the pattern. I was happy with that choice at the time, but... looking at this photo, I can't help but think they could use that extra bump.

Oh, well. I now pronounce these "done." Let the hand warming begin!



Victoria said...

These are great!

I am a horrible knitter, and so admire the talent of those who can do this type of work!

Dawn said...

I like the cuffs...the "bumps" make me think of bangle bracelets.

Hooray for finished objects!

Shayne said...

Those are just lovely!