Friday, June 27, 2008

Blogness cards!

Dear Shayne,

Over the past few months, I've attended few crafty events that have resulted in me meeting people and mentioning this little blog. And even though we're not selling anything here, I thought it might be nice to have a little card to give to people so they can find us when they get home.

Not "business" cards (since this isn't a business), but "blogness" cards. Hee hee.
Blogness card, take 2

At first, I thought I should include more info... maybe our names, perhaps? But then I figured they could just enter in that URL and figure it out. If they were on the east coast and got the card, it's Shayne. On the west coast? Kelly. (Most likely.)

I started with a dark outline of the US, but it seemed kind of "blah" to me:
Blogness card, take 1

I felt like it lacked "oomph," so I tried the white ink and I like it much better now. Still feels like it might be missing something (like part of New England and Texas -- sorry to folks who got cut off here!) But a pretty good first shot.

(By the way, that US is a totally awesome rubber stamp from the good folks at Stamp Francisco. Check them out -- they are amazing!)

I made a little batch of cards... ya want some?
"Blogness" cards

I recycled used food and drink packaging to make these. This cracked me up... these ones? With the US map on the front? Oh, mostly from Canadian beer packaging:
Blogness card backs

Hee hee.



SisterDG said...

These rock! I love the recycling aspect, and I think you've really hit on something with the "blogness card" idea. Bravo!

Shayne said...

They're adorable! Of course I want some. You are so clever.

Dawn said...

Way to pimp your blog!

The Housewife said...


Victoria said...

These are great! (I want one!)

A glance at my world said...

I love the cards! I'm gonna have to come up with a cool logo so I can make me some cards :)