Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Crafts from the past: Awesome box

Dear Shayne,

Poking around my hard drive, I found some photos of craft projects I made before we started this blog (What? There was a time before we started the blog?! Hard to believe, but yes.) So I thought I would share some of them with you.

First up is this awesome (if I do say so myself) box I made for my friend Dawn -- it's about 5x7x2.5 inches:

(You remember Dawn -- she sent me this awesome package. Everyone who sees that apron in my kitchen flips out over it. It's so great!)

I love this blue paper. I bought it at Paper Source and I found a little scrap of it in my craft closet yesterday. Sniff. I love this paper SO much and now it's no longer available. I should have bought more.

I also bought the kit to make the box at Paper Source. Once you buy the kit, you can just buy the supplies ever after and make your own boxes in any size you want, which is cool.

Making these boxes is not "difficult," but it is time consuming. You have to be really precise and careful, which I am normally not good at, but I think this box came out pretty great.

I took these photos when I had a much crappier camera and I am disappointed to see that I used some sort of unprinted newsprint for the background, which is a greyish white and not at all attractive.

The "spine" of the boxes looks yellow in these photos, but is actually a sort of acid green (it's this book cloth) (also from Paper Source) (of course) and it looked great with that paper. Gosh, I'm modest! Sorry to pat myself on the back so much, but this is one of those craft projects that came out way better than I had hoped. Looking at these photos makes me happy all over again!



Victoria said...

Very pretty, no wonder you're proud, you should be!!

Shayne said...

That *is* an awesome box! You'll have to show me how to make one when I visit :)

Dawn said...

It looks even more awesome in person - Kelly did a fantastic job (as she always does!). :-)

Sew Bettie said...

great box! you're attention to detail is awesome.