Friday, December 28, 2007

Little yarn ornaments

Dear Shayne,

I'm part of a little crafty group at work. We meet on Wednesdays at lunch and most of us knit (although we welcome all crafters). I hatched a plan to make some silly knitter-ly ornaments and here is what I came up with.


Unfortunately, I couldn't think of an easy-as-toothpicks solution for the knitting needles, so I went ahead and used toothpicks. I realize that this results in a disproportionate needle-to-yarn-ball size ratio but... I still think they turned out pretty cute. I mean, you can tell what they are, right?

I used small Styrofoam balls for the core (1.5 inch, I think) and wrapped yarn around and around. I then used a darning needle to poke the yarn through the other side for a hanger. Two toothpicks later and voila! Yarn-aments! (Sorry... couldn't resist.)

Also, note that the first yarn-ament is orange and brown. This one was for Jan, who is a fellow Browns fan. Go, Browns!



Dawn said...

Yarnaments = adorable!

Shayne said...

Oh. My. God. Those are so freaking cute. I think the needle to ball ratio looks great for this purpose. Bigger needles would just get all caught up in stuff. I might need to commission a couple from you as gifties.