Monday, December 10, 2007

Bust Craftacular & NYC Shopping

Dear Kelly,

My friend Erica and I shared a booth at the Bust Craftacular in NYC on December 8th. We took a bus up the morning of the 7th and started shopping as soon as we'd checked into our hotel (Chelsea Lodge - tiny but very clean and nice *and* probably the only hotel in NYC that didn't raise it's prices for the holidays) and had some lunch.

We took a cab to Tinsel Trading Company, which was completely overwhelming with trim galore. I bought these two adorable little birds:

Then we went to M&J Trimming, which was equally overwhelming. I bought these kitty buttons

I also bought some faceted buttons that look like disco balls.

We found a big unfinished storefront with an "Emerging Designers" sale. Sadly, most of the stuff was from China, etc. but we did find a few vendors selling original work. I bought this t-shirt for Randy for his birthday.

There was no tag or business card in the bag or anything, so I don't know who made it, except that he was a nice southern guy. And Randy does in fact hate mayonnaise.

We hit some bead stores, which weren't overly exciting. I think the availability of everything on the Internet has made shopping for some things kind of boring. We are so jaded.

I was very excited about going to Universal Newstand, which claims to have over 7,000 different magazines and newspapers. I think they were exaggerating, but I did buy a copy of Marie Claire Idees, which I'd always wanted to try. I'll need to brush up on my French.

Then we did some clothes and make-up shopping....wheeee!

On Saturday, the show was great...lots of people out to shop. We had some great neighbors, including Rebecca of P1 Unless Otherwise Noted and the boys from Daydream Silkscreen and their Alf doll.

I bought an Infant Pixie Hat in pink for my friend Chris' baby from Sweet Pepita:

For Sam, I got this Handsome Devil doll from Magpie DC (he thinks mustaches are hilarious):

I bought myself this awesome Blossom Necklace from P1 Unless Otherwise Noted:

And the new |Sew Everything Workshop| by Diana Rupp of Make Workshop. She even signed it!

Sunday, we hit up The Container Store. It was much, much bigger than the one here, but didn't actually have any more products. We did some more clothes shopping, had a fabulous lunch at a French restaurant and then got on the bus to go home.

All in all, it was a great weekend!


kelly said...

WOW! It sounds like a great weekend -- I'm so jealous! I love New York and you definitely did it up right!

You wrote: "I think the availability of everything on the Internet has made shopping for some things kind of boring. We are so jaded." I totally agree with this statement. Also, I find myself not buying things in person because I think, "Oh, I can just get it online later."

On rare occasions, it *is* extra-interesting to see things in person and touch and feel them before buying them, but overall, the internet really has influenced my shopping experience. For better or worse.

Mostly, I love the internet, though.

rebar said...

Hey thanks for the shoutout on your blog - I'm so glad you like the blossom necklace! love your valentine's garland-in-progress!