Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The back and the envelope

Dear Shayne,

Because I just can't get enough of myself, I had to also post the backs of our Christmas cards, plus the envelope.

Christmas card, back + envelope

As a little Christmas gift to myself, I had that self-inking stamp made to use on cards and... perhaps other stuff I make. If you want to make a stamp yourself, I got it from (that name kind of cracks me up). I've had several stamps made by them and I like their work.

Behind the card, you see the handmade envelope. Of course. Cause I'm nuts. You may remember last year's nuttiness in this department. This year, all of the envelopes were made with the same paper from Paper Source (mmm... paper source...). You can see it on their site right here.

A few people have asked me where I got the snowflake design for the card front. I cut it out of paper! Haha! It's actually from a real, hand-cut paper snowflake that I then scanned in. I love that! Old School meets Technology!


PS - I love my Print Gocco! It rocks super hard! Can't wait to make more stuff! Wheee!

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Shayne said...

Beautiful cards *and* envelopes. But you are insane to do that much by hand. Or I'm just lazy. One or the other ;)