Saturday, December 15, 2007


Dear Kelly,

So all the stores have had cute little baby doll style dresses for the past year or so and I've refused to even try one on because I assumed it would make me look pregnant, being on the chunky side.

While I was in NYC, I finally decided to buy one and guess what? I didn't look completely pregnant and I felt cute in it.

Yesterday, I went to Joann's and picked out a similar pattern

I'm going with the top of the blue dress, but without the bubble skirt. Bubble skirts are stupid.

I was going to get some cotton jersey, but there was the cutest selection of thermal prints and solids. I got a plain charcoal and this super adorable apple print

The lady who cut the fabric for me said she'd heard that it shrinks up *a lot*, so I'm going to actually wash it first, something I don't normally do.

Now that I've posted about it, I've got to make these dresses. Shouldn't take too long though...



kelly said...

I'm in the same boat! I've seen the baby doll dresses out there, but resisted because I was worried about the pregnant/fat problem. Your success has inspired me... perhaps I'll try on one. One of these days...

Meanwhile, I'm excited to see what you make and I totally *love* that fabric. Cute!

Shayne said...

So far I have cut out the pattern (which I think is my least favorite task in sewing) and washed the fabric (well, Randy washed it; laundry + lung issues = exhaustion). I'm hoping to get the grey one cut out tonight.

Dawn said...

That is some CUTE fabric!