Saturday, December 15, 2007

Other Crafty Purchases

Dear Kelly,

Here's a few things I've bought recently:

"A Good Egg is Hard to Find" from The Black Apple

Egg Pants from Design Glut

And to hang in my craft room, from the school book fair, this kitty poster (yes, I'm seven)



kelly said...

I love that Black Apple! You know, I got that print last year from Bill... the cat girl one. She's in my craft room and I adore her.

Do you like eggs? I like this girl, but I hate eggs. I also have the egg pants. Bill like eggs... maybe he'd like pants on his eggs. Probably not. I'll probably use them for fake eggs. Or something non-eggy at all. I've never said "eggs" so many times at once. I need coffee. No eggs, though.

Shayne said...

I like eggs. And egg and chicken puns. The egg pants are eggcellent. I'm sort of collecting egg cups. My collection is not yet eggstraordinary.