Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas scarves

Dear Shayne,

With years of knitting under my belt, I still love... the scarf. I love to wear scarves (they're the perfect Northern California accessory, really) and sometimes I love to give them. Even though they're not complex (oooh... rectangle!) I find they're pretty useful. So I feel all right about giving them as gifts.

Here are two scarves I gave as gifts this Christmas.

The first, you saw in progress in this post. It was really hard to take photos of these scarves in the fading winter light, but I tried. Here it is, lumpy and pre-blocking:
Chunky purple scarf -- pre-block

And here it is, post-blocking, as worn by my dressform (she's such a patient model):
Chunky purple scarf -- post-block

(Wow! These photos are blurry!)

The other scarf is for Bill's sister-in-law. She's a big Detroit Red Wings (that's hockey) fan and their colors are red and white. Bill helped me design this scarf (yes, there is a design here) to resemble hockey socks that players wear. They look uneven in this photo, but the stripes line up in real life. (No, really.)
Red Wings scarf

One one side is the "home" stripe (red-white-red) and on the other half is the "away" pattern (white-red-white). I used a fun, nubby yarn (Knitpicks' Twirl) for this scarf and I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. It's long, so I like it wrapped around with both ends in front:
Red Wings scarf

More Christmas photos to come. Unfortunately, winter light and short crafting time are not this blogger's friend. Poo.


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Shayne said...

You know I love the purple is so yummy! And the other one looks so super cozy. Did everyone love their presents?