Thursday, December 20, 2007


Dear Kelly,

As you know, Sam is obsessed with monkeys and his favorite is Monkey, Jr. from Build-a-Bear Workshop (re: Sam suckering Bill into buying things for Monkey, Jr. during your visit).

My mom and I had lunch at Uno Chicago Grill Restaurant Pizzeria Grille Place To Eat last week and they had the cutest mini pizza boxes for gift cards. Mom snagged one for Monkey, Jr. Then I got some felt, cut and glued and voila! mini pizza for Monkey, Jr.

Then I decided to make Monkey, Jr. some bananas. This evening, I spent way too much time making a dozen felt bananas. I used two layers of felt and embroidered an outline, then cut it out. No way was I going to actually sew, turn, stuff and close twelve tiny bananas. Any ideas for cute packaging?

I feel like a good mom now.



kelly said...

I LOVE felt food! Especially felt monkey food!

I think felt food needs to go on my official "To Do" list for the kids I know in 2008. Who doesn't like to play with felt food?

Shayne said...

I got a little basket at Michaels and shoved all the bananas in. It looks cute! Maybe I'll get a picture later.