Saturday, December 01, 2007

It might be time for a new tree...

Dear Shayne,

First, a confession: we have a fake Christmas tree. I fear that a real tree inside the house would be just too much for our crazy little Biscuit to handle, so we keep hauling out the fake one year after year.

I realized yesterday as I put it up that I've had it for 12 years. Since I was 21. Aw. And, WOW. It was my first "real" tree (that is, taller than 2 feet) (I still have that 2 footer though!) and it does look "real," which is why I liked it. And I still like it. But after more than a decade of hard use, it's got some problems.

Like this:
On the right, you can see what the branch holder is supposed to look like. On the left and front, you see the broken branch holders. What's a crafty girl to do? Fix it, of course! First try: super glue.
(Red arrow shows glue line)

Looking good, right? Yeah. Unfortunately, it didn't hold. On to Plan B.

Or should I say Plan D? For Duct Tape!
Now THAT works! It works so good, why don't we just use a little bit more...
Or, um... a LOT.

I imagine that you are skeptical here, Shayne, about a giant lump of duct tape in the middle of our tree. But never fear! Branches hide:
Let's pull back a bit here...
Now let's put the top branches on the tree and pull back for a full view:
Where's that duct tape nest?

Oh! Here it is:
Problem solved! Stuff a bit of greenery in there and slap a bunch of tree trimmings on it and no one's the wiser! Our tree lives for yet another year!

In other crafty news, I had always intended to make my own tree skirt. Two years ago, I found this beauty on sale and abandoned that plan. Cause I love this one so much!
All right. Now that I'm done fooling around the with tree, it's back to Christmas crafting!



Shayne said...

I have a fake tree, too! I bought it at Ikea about five years ago and it looks like it's from Whoville. Hopefully, we'll get it up in the next week.

I would never have known you had a mass of duct tape if you didn't show us :)

Dawn said...

That is awesome!

In the words of Red Green "Spare the duct tape, spoil the job!"