Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas crafts from the past

Dear Shayne,

After filling our tree with duct tape, I thought that ornaments would be a good idea. Some of our ornaments date back to my early crafting days. (I can't believe I've kept these. Wow.) Hrm... I guess these are "vintage" now. Oof.

First, I give you a Girl Scout project... I probably made this when I was 9 or 10. It's a pipe cleaner shoved through alternate red, white, and clear (Ooh! Fancy!) interlocking beads. Bend that puppy over and voila! Candy cane!
Bead-y candy cane

Or something. Do they still sell those beads? They're weird.

The next item is a result of one of those free project sheets you get at the craft store. I think my grandma helped me out here. I remember very carefully selecting this fabric. It's Christmas trees that make up... a Christmas tree!
Yo-yo Christmas tree

I don't know if you can tell from that photo, but it's a little stack of fabric yo-yo's in graduated sizes topped with a tiny pom-pon. This project was hand-sewn and was a year-round decoration in my bedroom for many years when I was growing up. I'm not sure why I wouldn't make the whole thing out of green fabric... perhaps the red is... garland?

This last one barely even counts as a craft -- it was pre-cut felt pieces from a kit that I glued together to form Santa:
Little felt Santa

I really have no idea why I've kept that one... except that Santa is kind of cute. I like his little mustache and round feet.


PS -- My mom totally loved her crown! Yay!


The Bon said...

Yep, they do make the weird y-shaped beads still. Pretty sure you can get them wherever cheap, plastic beads are sold.

I should note that I really hate that blogger has eliminated the option to comment as a non-logged in blogger AND leave a link back to me. Totally lame.

kelly said...

Yeah. I've noticed that too. There's an "in draft" feature that attempts to answer this problem (I just turned it on -- if you want to be a guinea pig, comment again and see if it works).

The only real problem I see with that is that you have to have *some* kind of account to comment now. I wish they let you choose "Anyone" AND "OpenID."

Since this is in draft, perhaps a released version will allow that.

Dawn said...

I'm testing out the OpenID (it's Dawn)

We have a bunch of those beaded candy canes on our tree too - some that I made when I was a kid, some that Ryan made when he was a kid and some that Elora made (she's still a kid).

Dawn said...

Okay...nevermind. It just automatically used my Google account.

Shayne said...

That santa is super cute! And of course your mom loved her crown - it's awesome!