Saturday, May 05, 2007

Baby quilt: finished!

Dear Shayne,

Quilts, quilts, everywhere! I love your quilted cuff -- it's great! I especially like the kitty whiskers. You'll have to post better photos when you get home so I can see more of the details. Meanwhile, I've got a quilt of my own to show off today...

The baby quilt that I talked about in this post and this post (I'm boring, aren't I?) is finally finished! Yay!
Finished baby quilt!

Oh, I really am boring, because I talked about the backing fabric for the quilt in this post. I really loved that fabric, but it's the second fabric that I bought for the back of this quilt and I was waffling over which one to use. They both looked great. Back and forth, back and forth.

In the end, I went with the original fabric that I had picked:
Finished baby quilt!
(This photo doesn't really show the true colors [that green is more of a lime color in person], but you get the idea.)

I decided to use this fabric for three reasons:

1. I made this quilt with the baby's mom in mind and she loves all things mod. This fabric was way more mod that the other.

2. I am afraid that the front of this quilt is going to be way too wild for her. As much as I try to make quilts that take the recipient's tastes into account, I always end up making crazy, patchwork-y, Kelly-style quilts. I just can't help it. So if she hates the front, at least I know she'll love the back.

3. In the end, I knew that I could use that Amy Butler fabric for another project at some point, but this fabric was not really "me" (I didn't buy it for myself, after all) and I wasn't sure what I could/would use it for later. So why not use it for this project right here?

Here's a final shot which shows one corner of the quilt flipped over to show the back, stripe-y binding, and front. The back fabric color is a bit more true in this one:
Finished baby quilt!

By the way, this was quilted by the lovely and talented souls at New Pieces in Berkeley CA -- they have a terrific fabric selection and they do amazing work. If you're ever in the area, you've got to check out their shop. Mmm... fabric.

Yay for finishing quilts!!


PS -- I wrote the above entry this morning, but we just got back from delivering the quilt. They absolutely loved it. And that backing fabric was a total hit! YAY!


TheBon said...

That backing fabric is fanTAStic!

Shayne said...

The whole quilt is wonderful! Have I mentioned that if/when I get knocked up, I expect one of these puppies?

kelly said...

I think you may have said something to that effect before. ;)

All right -- you get knocked up and I'll make you a quilt. Now you've even got it in writing!