Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Color, Shadow & Ghosties

Dear Kelly,

My new purple lip gloss makes me happy!

This is the shadow made by my little house and the tree in my front yard.

I'd like to make a stencil from this, without the miniblinds wand.

And this is a lousy picture of my table space at the Big Art Show:

The show was held at the Rock and Roll Hotel in NorthEast DC. Apparently, the place is haunted: http://thehill.com/cover-stories/waking-the-dead-2007-03-28.html. Spooky.

I'm off to Art & Soul tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, I'll have internet access and can post what I've made each day.



kelly said...

Hee hee. You say that your lipgloss makes you happy... but you don't look happy at all!

A stencil from that photo is a great idea. Are you thinking gocco or some other stencil method? The first photo might also make an interesting stencil.

Looking forward to see what you're making at Art and Soul!

Shayne said...

Pouty lips make for better pictures...and stencils, apparently :)

I have this rubber stamp that says "I care". I know it's meant to be serious, for a get well card or whatever, but it just seemed so sarcastic to me that I had to get it. I used it in an art journal ages ago with big pouty lips cut out from a magazine. I'll have to scan some of those pages and post them. Some of them I'm still happy with.

A company called Coffee Break Designs makes custom stencils...I might look into how much they cost.