Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We build stuff

Dear Shayne,

This past weekend, we built some stuff.

First up, we built some deck furniture from IKEA (that counts as building, right? Right?)

Later on, we "built" margaritas to enjoy out there. (See? We build stuff!)

But in "real" building news... we built a cabinet/bookcase to fill a weird little nook in our kitchen. Unfortunately, I did not take "Before" photos, but, well... it was a stack of milk crates. So just imagine that. (Hint: It was not good.)

This little bugger is hard to photograph. The area where it's built into is sort of a hallway leading out of the kitchen. So I can only take a "from the side" photo of it. Also, I probably should have taken the photos before I filled it up with all of our crap. Well... let's consider these "action shots."

That one is not terrific and makes it look oddly large. This next one is even worse, quality-wise, but it gives you an idea of the odd nook that it's in.

Obviously, the tripod would have been a good friend to me for these photos. Unfortunately, it is now nighttime, so I'm posting what I've got. (Just squint and imagine...)

At any rate, we built some stuff. Yay for getting rid of milk crate stacks!



Shayne said...

Ah, the tomato kitchen! Good job on the bookshelf. You guys are so crafty *and* handy :)

kelly said...

I should post more photos of the tomato kitchen sometime -- that's crafty, right?

Shayne said...

Definitely crafty.