Saturday, May 05, 2007

Saturday at Art & Soul

Dear Kelly,

Today was Coptic Assemblage with Geraldine Newfry. I knew that the book would have Coptic binding, but I didn't know it was freaking SIX NEEDLE Coptic binding. There's also a Cornell-style box in the back. The box pieces glued together surprisingly easily. The binding was hard and tiring, though. And no one got to the point of decorating their covers, let alone creating an assemblage in the box. I really should have added more signatures to fill up the space meant for the pages - you can see in the pictures of the spine that the signatures are stretched apart. Still, I'm pretty happy with how mine turned out and I do intend to finish it. More pictures on my Flickr.


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kelly said...

It's a book! It's a box! No, wait... it's a book in a box! Or a book *of* a box! Or... a box of a book!

Whatever... it's super cool. :)