Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Quick n' Easy!

Dear Shayne,

After devoting months to these armwarmers that I can't even wear until winter, I felt like I needed a little quick n' easy project that I could wear right away.

So I whipped up these babies:
Army green fingerless mitts

They were a bit of an experiment, as I added thumbs to the pattern I used to make these mitts. They came out all right. I'll probably make more soon, as it's always chilly where I work and they're good for typing.

I've already worn them a few times (and spilled beer on 'em) so that's why they already have the "well loved" look in this photo. Whoops.

Miraculously, I caught the glass of beer I dropped before it hit the ground -- perhaps these fingerless gloves are actually magical. Yeah!



Shayne said...

Good job on the thumbs! Have these shown any more magical powers?

kelly said...

Alas, no. Perhaps they were one hit wonders: They can help you miraculously catch a falling beer *one* time only.

Unless you count "keeping my hands warm" as a magical power?