Thursday, March 22, 2007


Dear Shayne,

Remember this post when I gave my friend an "IOU" quilt instead of an actual baby quilt?

>Sigh< The baby was born Feb 13 and I'm still working on the quilt. Newborns don't really need quilts anyway, right? Whatever.

I've finally got the quilt top done, but I'm having my doubts about it now. I chose colors that I know the mom adores and I know that she loves, loves, looooves stripes. So I decided to make her a striped quilt.

Sort of.

I mean, I think the stripes are visible, but, being the patchwork-lovin' fool that I am, I just had to use a million different fabrics. Sooo... yeeahh... well... here it is:

Baby quilt top

My wacky fabric choices may have obscured the overall "design" of the thing. Whoops. Oh, well. Moving on...

The next step is to find a fabric to use for binding (the edge of the quilt) and then to send it off to get quilted. I do have a backing fabric, sooo... at least that's done. Of course, finding binding (Whee! I rhymed!) to match this quilt may prove difficult. Wish me luck.

In good-for-me news, I made this quilt top entirely of stash only fabric. Looking at it now, I'm thinking I probably should have gone out and bought more fabric that was closer in value/color to the other values/colors that I already had.

Oh, well -- here's to patchwork-y!



TheBon said...

I really like it. And I am not really a quilt person. But really, it's great and I totally see the stripes. I saw them when I saw the blocks all pinned up too.

Dawn said...

That is one flippin' sweet baby quilt! When I think "baby quilt", I think fluffy bunnies and granny squares...this is neither of those - it is completely contemporary and AWESOME! That's one lucky kid! (have I gushed enough? Seriously...I love it!)

kelly said...

Aww... thanks for the Quilt Love! Makes me feel a little better about it. :)

Bonnie, I agree with the "not a quilt person" statement -- except I would say that I am not a *traditional* quilt person. But modern quilts? Art quilts? There's some amazing stuff out there!

TheBon said...

Yeah, I do think some of the modern quilts are amazing. Theresa over at is working on a really lovely one right now.

Shayne said...

It's gorgeous. I totally see the stripes. If/when I get knocked up, I'll be expecting a quilt :)