Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Finding fabric

Dear Shayne,

Remember how I said I already had a backing fabric for that baby quilt? And all I needed was the binding fabric? Well, I went out shopping last week with the express purpose of buying binding fabric and... found a better backing fabric that the one I had originally bought.

Ooops. But it was just sooooo much better. Check it out:
New backing fabric for the baby quilt

That picture doesn't show the colors very well. Here's a close-up:
Baby quilt backing fabric (close-up)

How could I resist? It's got all of the same colors, although the blue is a bit more turquoise-y on the back than the front. But trust me -- it works.

(It's from the Amy Butler Belle line. Color: olive/kashmir.)

The good news is that I went out two days later with the express purpose of buying binding fabric (my exact words as I left the house were, "I'm not coming back without fabric for the binding!" A mission, I tell ya.) and I found some! And it's striped! Yay! (Side note about the striped binding: besides the fact that this quilt is being made for a stripe-lover, I love, love, love stripes for a binding on a quilt. I don't know why -- it's just fun. And that's how I feel about stripe-y binding. So, there.)

Now I just need to find someone else to do that quilting for me (my favorite go-to gal for quilting seems to have become unreachable, so I'm in the market for a new quilter). And then voila! Quilt!



TheBon said...

I thought it looked like Amy Butler fabric. I love her stuff.

kelly said...

I love her stuff too. The only problem that I have with it is that it can be a little too recognizable, if you know what I mean. Like any project you use it on now has the "Amy Butler" stamp on it. I kind of prefer my projects to have my own stamp on them. ;)

But it worked really well with the quilt top, so who was I to argue?