Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday at Art & Soul

Dear Kelly,

Today was not such a great day. I didn't even take pictures of my unfinished project. The class was Soda Pop Icons with Michael DeMeng. I took the class for the wrong reasons, I couldn't figure out any outcome that would really be my style, I was distracted by some funny business going on at home, and then there were the vultures. There are some vultures in every class at these types of events. They live for free supplies and ephemera, bits and pieces. As soon as an instructor even hints that a pile of whatever is for the students use, they swoop down and start grabbing whatever they can get. The purpose of the class was to build tiny shrines with a soda can as the base and build upon the structure with found objects. Mr. DeMeng emptied out boxes of junk to cover a six-foot table. Because I don't swoop, by the time I got up to the table there was really nothing left worth using. Some screws and buttons. There was nothing left for me, but it was just as well, since my distraction grew as the day went on...I'll just have to be pushier in the future.


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kelly said...

Ick to the vulture thing. I've had similar experiences at other classes I've taken. My solution? Just bring my own stuff -- that way I know it's the best. ;)

Of course, in a class about using "found" stuff, I guess that wouldn't work too well... "Yeah... I, um... 'found' this... oh... in my backpack."