Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday at Art & Soul (Plus Bonus Wednesday)

Dear Kelly,

My drive to southern Virginia was uneventful...only five minutes of rain, I didn't hit anything and nothing fell off my car. A monumental day of driving for me. My friend Lesley and I (met her down here) stayed here in September 2005 and I'd forgotten how beautiful this hotel is...the Embassy Suites in Hampton, VA. Everything is done in rich jewel tones, all sorts of gorgeous patterns on different chairs and bearable abstract art on the walls. I wouldn't even know where to start taking pictures. I did get a shot of the one ugly thing in the room...the lamp between the beds.

On Thursday, I took "Carved, Bound & Wired" with Doris Arndt and made this awesome book. My binding has a few extra hidden stitches where I got confused, but overall I'm quite happy with it.

The colors don't really come out that great on my camera phone. I may take pictures of everything again with the good camera when I get home.


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kelly said...

Yes! Yes! Take better pictures when you get home -- I'd love to see more details.

The book looks great -- how big is it in person? How many pages is it?