Saturday, March 03, 2007

Yay! Hockey painting!

Dear Shayne,

For the past two years, Bill and I have been trying to figure out a safe, economical way to transport a large (4'x 4') painting from his parents' house in Michigan out here to California.

Finally, we got a box big and sturdy enough and good quote from, of all places, FedEx and we are the new proud owners of this painting! Yay!

Yay! Hockey painting!

It's an abstract-y sort of collage-y painting of scenes from a hockey game. Bill's uncle's friend painted it. Unfortunately, we don't know his name. (The artist, not Bill's uncle. We know Bill's uncle's name.)

As you can see from this next photo, it fits perfectly in our living room, which is part of why it's so exciting. With high ceilings and a gigantic couch (10' long), we definitely needed something big for this wall. And we got it!

Yay! Hockey painting!

Of other crafty note in this photo, I made the pillow in the center of the couch and Bill painted the walls. Whee! Crafty!



TheBon said...

Hooray! It looks so perfect there. And I do love your couch.

kelly said...

The couch is definitely comfy. And now the room looks nice and "finished." (Until I think of something else it needs, of course... ;) )

TheBon said...

I told D that when we move to a more permanent place we need a couch similar to yours. Big enough for both of us to lie down on at once! We did decide to replace our piece o' junk but it will be with something we find on craigslist [i.e. cheap but still decent].

kelly said...

I got that couch about 8 years ago at Norwalk furniture.

Here's part of the reason it's so great (besides the fact that it's as deep as a twin bed) -- it's actually 2 pieces of a sectional. It's difficult to see with the cushions on, but the divide is between the 2nd and 3rd cushions.

Norwalk specializes in custom design, so they let you buy whatever pieces of the sectional you need/want.

This was a double bonus: 1. The couch is way longer than a regular couch and 2. It's still quite moveable. If it was one piece... ugh!

(And, uh... no, Norwalk didn't pay me for this advertisement. I just love our couch!)

Shayne said...

Call me a dumbass, but I don't see the hockey. Despite, it's really cool and makes your room look awesome!