Thursday, March 29, 2007

Your wrequest

Dear Shayne,

As you recall, I made you a wristlet a few months back:
Wristlet for Shayne

I know you recall it, because you told me that you use it all the time and you've requested (or wrequested -- it's a wristlet request, after all) one using this fabric:
New wristlet fabric

You do like your pinks, don't you?

Before I get started, I have a few of questions for you:

1. Same size as before? I wrote the dimensions down when I made it (WOW!) so if yes, I'll use those. If not, what do you want different?

2. How do you feel about the hardware on that thing? I had a terrible time finding a matching set that had both the swivel ring and a matching D-ring (which most commercial wristlets seem to have). So I ended up just clipping the swivel ring onto a bit of fabric. Does that work for you? Or did you want something different?

3. Any other changes?

No promises as to when I'll start this bad boy, but I thought I'd ask...



Shayne said...

Please make it an inch bigger in length and width. Otherwise, it's perfect! Wheeee!

kelly said...

All right... no promises on when it will actually get done, but your dimensions wrequest is noted!