Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bathroom? What bathroom?

Dear Shayne,

Remember back in (I'm cringing here to look at the date...) September when I said something about fixing up the bathroom? Um, yeaaah. Remember? We were going to fix up our bathrooms together? "Operation Transcraftinental Bathroom?" OTB? Remember? How's yours going? Yeah. Me, too.

I did do the dreaded caulking (no photos - it looks horrible) but then... well.. yeah.

I have a fresh reason to return to the effort: my parents are coming to visit next month. So it's time to get back on that project. In the meantime, here's a photo of the switchplate that I made and never posted:

Skull switchplate

Looking at the original photos, I had it up then, but I didn't take a close up. And, you know... handmade switchplates deserve close-ups, right?

I was going to crop that photo to just show the switchplate, but I think this photo highlights some other issues nicely: chipped wall paint just under it and, of course, the disgusting condition of the trim around the door next to it. The good news is that I've already sanded that trim, so it's ready to be painted. The bad news is that the Painting Fairy keeps skipping our house, so it looks like it's up to me.

Sigh. Okay. Next step: tape off the trim to get it ready for (gasp!) painting. Are ya ready? Better question: Am I? Eep.


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Shayne said...

You are doing so much better at your bathroom than I am. Love the switchplate have done such a good job of having a themed room without it looking cheesy.