Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Dear Shayne,

First, gratuitous cuteness:
St. Patrick's Day quilt w/ Biscuit


And a full shot of the quilt:
St. Patrick's Day quilt

I actually made this a few years ago. It's not very big -- lap-sized, I guess -- and it's not very fancy (the technique is called, erm, "stack-n-whack" or "pile-n-chop" or something like that), but St. Patrick's Day is my absolute FAVORITE holiday and this quilt did a good job of using up lots of my St. Patrick's Day fabrics.

Of course, I still have some left...



Dawn said...

This quilt is so awesome that it makes my eyes go a little bit crossed (in a good way)!

kelly said...

It's not quite as nuts in person -- the photograph definitely makes it more "Woooow!"

Shayne said...