Monday, March 26, 2007

Memo board... finally!

Dear Shayne,

I have been wanting to make a French memo board for... I can't even remember how long. I have finally gotten all of the pieces (and my shit) together and created that very thing:

French memo board

This probably would not have been my absolute, "A Number 1" (how is that spelled out, anyway?) choice of fabrics to use, but I've been trying hard to use things in my stash lately. Here was a yard of fabric I liked that also looked good with the dining room walls, sooo... used it. I also had that trim and those upholstery tacks on hand... what the heck was I planning to make with all of that crap?

I dunno, but it came together pretty well as a memo board. Now I have a pretty place to put photos and cards... you should send me some!

Here's the action photo. Not great quality, but it's dark out and I wanted to post this bad boy:

French memo board in situ

In other news, I found a binding fabric for that baby quilt (yay!) and I've been painting in the bathroom (double yay!) Photos soon!



Shayne said...

Oooohhhhhh, it's so big and pretty! Was it easy to make it all nice and even?

kelly said...

I wouldn't say it was "easy," but it was doable. It's 24x36 inches, so a easy-to-divide size. I used graph paper to figure out where I wanted the lines and then I measured and marked it out on the fabric.

It's not *quite* perfect, but if I stick a bunch of stuff on there, no one will ever know. Heh heh.

jessica said...

i found you searching message boards. i will be making some. is there an actual site with instructions to make.
yours looks great. the deep color sets off the cards displayed. nice work.

kelly said...

Jessica -- thanks for the comment! I didn't use any particular site for instructions. I just googled the idea, found different sites with directions and then... made it up. :)

Good luck!