Wednesday, February 28, 2007

At least they kept my legs warm...

Dear Shayne,

As you know, I recently spent 10 days in the frozen tundra known as "Michigan." Since I only wear skirts, this icy chill makes for very cold legs.

Sooo... I knit myself some kinda weird legwarmers. This photo doesn't really do their weirdness justice, because you can't really tell that they're over 30" long -- they go from my ankle all the way up to my thigh. Full leg casing, really.

Also, after wearing them for 10 days, they're pretty beat up. I knit them out of yarn that I had on hand and it's more soft than durable (they feel nice, though).

Oh, and they really turned out to be more like hockey socks than traditional legwarmers. And I probably should have tapered them at the ankle. And, yeah... they're different colors... I ran out of that cream color. But I never wear matching socks anyway, sooo... sure. Yup. Weird.

But at least they kept my legs warm.


PS - This photo is not meant to shock anyone who knows me in person -- I am not wearing a short skirt here... I am just holding up the hem of my long skirt. So rest easy... all is right with the world.


Dawn said...

Those look so warm! (we got 40+ cm of snow last night...will probably be thinking about fuzzy legwarmers while I'm out shovelling the driveway this afternoon)

kelly said...

Blech! Shoveling! At least I didn't have to do any of that while we were in Michigan (Bill did, though -- what a good son).

I don't miss it one bit!