Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Easter yars

Dear Shayne,

I was still debating picking some "off" holiday for April, but I went ahead with traditional Easter colors: purple and yellow. I had way more purples than yellows (um... of course) but I made it work... sort of. Still not as good as pink. And really, not even as good as green. This little project may be going downhill.

Easter yars

What's next? May is Mother's Day. Guess I could do purples and pinks for that and perhaps renew the Yar Love. After that? June is Father's Day. What? The colors of ugly ties? Hrm... I guess June is also Flag Day, so I could do the red, white, and blue and ride those puppies through July.

But then... August? Hrm... let's see... Oh! Oh! August 3 is National Watermelon Day (I found it on the internet, so it must be true, right?) I don't care if that's a real holiday or not -- I am totally doing pink and green yars in August.

Happy first day of Spring!


TheBon said...

You could do brown and blue in June for me! ;)

Shayne said...

Pink and purple sounds wonderful! You can do pinks again in August for me :)