Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Dear Shayne,

I had a pretty crafty Christmas -- I both received crafty gifts and, of course, gave some handmade crafts. I haven't posted any of them yet because I've been at work from dusk til dawn I mean: dawn til dusk (great. can't even keep time of day straight anymore.) for the past week, so there isn't any light for me to photograph anything!

So I stole this photo from the Letter Writer's Alliance site to show you one thing Bill gave me for Christmas... this awesome bag! (You know how I love bags...)

I especially like the fact that the strap is long enough to go diagonally across my chest. (You can get one for yourself right here.)

I've really fallen down on my letter writing lately, so perhaps this bag will remind me to write more. Ya think?


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Shayne said...

Oooooo, lucky you! I've been a bad penpal - need to dig out a few addresses and send letters!