Saturday, January 31, 2009

Print Gocco? Check out Yudu!

Dear Kelly,

I know you love your Print Gocco as much as I love mine. With manufacturer Riso no longer producing them or the supplies (or close to it - anyone know what the current situation is?), finding screens and bulbs is getting harder and more expensive. Making the decision to use a precious screen and two bulbs is difficult. Is that design I want to print really Gocco-worthy? Despite this, I still subscribe to the Print Gocco Yahoo! Group, although I don't always read the messages. But today, I am SO happy I read it because someone posted this:

Made by Provo Craft and currently only sold by HSN, this is the brand-spanking-new Yudu Screen Printing Machine. It seems pricey at $279.95, but get this:

You can print designs as large as 11" x 14"!!! And it works on anything flat! Paper, fabric, wood, anything flat enough to put in there!

For those of you who don't have a Print Gocco, here's a little information to put this in perspective:
There are currently two versions of the Print Gocco machine. One lets you print designs to a maximum of 3 1/2" x 5 3/4" - that's the smaller, less expensive version. If you can even find one (there are a lot on eBay), you're going to pay at least $100. The larger version runs about twice that and only prints up to 7" x 9 3/4". I know there are some clever, steady-handed people that use multiple screens to make larger designs, lining everything up exactly, but I know I'd never get good results that way. And the process is more involved, more like traditional screen printing.
So 11" x 14"??? That opens up huge possibilities for what you can create.

The supplies seem expensive, too, but the screens are reusable and it looks like you create your screens using inkjet transparencies.

I don't have the money for one of these right now, but I'm going to seriously consider saving up for it!


P.S. Photo is from HSN.
P.P.S. I have no affiliation with Print Gocco, Provo Craft or Yudu, nor have I seen this in person or used it - I'm just really, really excited about it!


Anonymous said...

I wanted a gocco printer but never bought one because the supplies weren't going to be made any more and this YUDU looks awesome! I want one too!

A glance at my world said...

Wow, that sounds really cool! Do you know if it could print on t-shirts??

kelly said...

This thing looks flipping awesome! I love the giant size! On the other hand, I might find the giant size intimidating... do I want to waste an entire 11x14 screen for a little 5x7 card? Hrm.

To answer the question posed above, they do mention printing on t-shirts on the Yudu site. Wow, eh?

Here's my fear: the Yudu doesn't gain in popularity, they stop making it after a year or so, and we are stuck once again scrambling for discontinued supplies. Sigh.

(But I'm almost willing to get over that fear to buy one, I must admit...)

j0zzzz said...

I watched the Yudu demo video (slightly repetitive - take a drink every time she says which side of the screen is the back!):

Anyone know if their proprietary emulsion sheets are even necessary? This "Instructable" made it seem like you could buy it in goo form and it would work the same:

daphne anne designs said...

Yes - the Yudu does T-shirts, tote bags, aprons (kiss the cook!), pillows -- anything you can lay flat across the 11"-14" space. The screen is reusable - wash it right after printing to remove the old emulsion image. You just need more emulsion sheets to create new designs. However, don't buy Yudu's sheets! Go to where you can get 26"x150" for just $83 -- Yudu costs $45 for 2 of their 11"x14" sheets. If you only need small printable areas like T-shirt pockets, you'll save tons of money.

derek said...

The yudu is pretty sweet. You can use alternate products (that are cheaper) like emulsion remover, paints, emulsions. is a good source for more info on that stuff.

Erin Bassett said...

Just thought I'd let you know I'm test driving the Yudu out & blogging about it so far although I've only used it with Yudu products so far. -Waiting to run out of those before I try alternative products.

You can read about my Yudu experience here:

Tonia Conger said...

I work at Provo Craft and wanted to let you know the product is available at Joanns, Michaels, HSN and many online retailers. If you stop by a Michaels store this week they are doing live demonstrations.
Have fun!

Rachel said...

I have a gocco and love it, decided to buy the yudu for the larger format and easier to get supplies. I got my yudu online at (of all places!) It was by far the cheapest place I found. Michael's is also having a promotion - $50 gift card with purchase.

I haven't played with it yet, buy I'm really excited.