Monday, January 19, 2009

Barely crafty

Dear Kelly,

I haven't gotten to any of those crafts I talked about last week, surprise surprise. But I did do something slightly crafty tonight, although I have no photo.

My friend Jenny, not to be confused with your friend Jenny, is buying a house very soon. It's got some major 70s decor going on - wood paneling, brown appliances and the strangest assortment of light fixtures (I really should get pictures of those!). So she'll be gradually gutting the house, room by room. Last weekend, we went in and measured most of the rooms and now I'm working on floor plans.

My mom will be thrilled to know that something useful has come from my two semesters as an Interior Design major.



kelly said...

My friend Jenny is also buying a house -- yay! But hers is brand-new, so she doesn't have to wrestle with the 70s decor.

I've been struggling to make easy floor plans lately for work -- what are you using to make yours?

Shayne said...

I just use graph paper, ruler and pencil. One square = one foot, but you could certainly do it on a larger scale. You can get an 11 x 17 pad of graph paper at Staples. Interior walls are usually 4", exterior 6". Pay attention to small details like vent locations (if they will make a difference vis-a-vis furniture placement) and what side and direction doors are hung.

Shayne said...

Oh, if your space is a simple square or rectangle, Better Homes & Gardens has a tool on their website called Arranged-a-Room that is great!