Friday, January 09, 2009

Lots of Things to Make

Dear Kelly,

As you (and our readers) have probably figured out, I haven't been feeling too crafty lately. But I've seen a bunch of inspiring ideas on the Internet recently, that I may actually try this weekend.

Craft: Magazine's blog is always great for new ideas. I fell in love with these pom pom flowers the other day. Kristen of Domestifluff posted these adorable flowers *and* a tutorial. Would these work as part of your wedding bouquet? I have some fluffy black yarn and some plain black yarn that I will try. I forgot to pick up florist wire, though. I think hers look great with the twigs, but I'm not really in the mood to search outside for my own :)

The pom poms remind me of an awesome Christmas gift I got. I've been wanting one of these Pom Trees for a few years, and my mom finally got me one this year. I hate those little plastics things from the craft store and I know you can just use a piece of cardboard to make pom poms, but I'm a sucker for a good craft tool. I haven't opened it yet, but like I said, maybe this weekend!

I honestly couldn't make up my mind about this Cupcake Liner Garland by Veronica of Petunia (via Craft: Magazine, via Apartment Therapy). But I kept going back to it because my mom has been gradually changing most of her decor to these pretty, pastel colors. I finally just showed her the picture and she loves it, so I have four packs of cupcake liners waiting to make this for her. I'm thinking that it would be pretty to edge some of the liners with glitter glue.

And the last thing... Paper-Source has these very smart looking Day of the Week clothespins, that should be easy to make. I think I will print the labels at Kinkos on the color laser printer to avoid ink running when I glue them onto the clothespins.

Whew, that's a lot of crafting!


P.S. Photos are from Domestifluff, The Pom Tree, Petunia and Paper-Source


kelly said...

Love the fluffy pom-pon flowers! I have to agree with you that I'm not entirely sold on the garland yet -- I'm looking forward to seeing how yours turns out.

Also, get that pom-pon maker out! I want to see the awesome puffiness you make with it! (Color me jealous -- that thing looks awesome.)

Shayne said...

I bought florist wire as well as these little green stakes (only maybe an 1/8 inch thick and six or seven inches tall. But I keep thinking about the twigs. My biggest concern is not looking a like a crazy lady to the neighbors, collecting sticks, but bugs. Do sticks have itty bitty bugs? I cannot handle bugs, no matter how small. Thoughts???

kelly said...

Make Sam gather the twigs for you -- kids love to pick up sticks.

Then put the twigs in the oven (not too hot -- you don't want a fire!) and that will kill the bugs.


Shayne said...

You are so clever! Thanks for the suggestions.