Thursday, January 08, 2009

Picture Project

Dear Kelly,

I had this great idea to take a picture of Sam every day for a month and then do something crafty with the results. I went to get the first few days' worth off my camera and realized that I didn't take a picture on January 1st! Now I need to decide if I should just keep going for January, without that first picture, or try again in February. Opinion?

Anywho, here are the pictures I've taken so far.



kelly said...

I think you should keep going forward with January. You could make it Jan 2-Feb 2 and end with a big bang on Groundhog's Day! ;)

Winifred said...

I was going to suggest the same thing as Kelly.

Maybe you could take a picture of him checking out his shadow on Groundhog Day?

Ladies, I need Valentine's Days ideas for the Girls! Get creative and give me some ideas. :)

Shayne said...

If Jonathan remembers to take a picture of him tomorrow, I will go ahead and continue with January.

Winifred - I'm thinking about it!