Thursday, January 08, 2009

Christmas scrubs

Dear Shayne,

The big crafty gift I gave this year was tubs o' scrub. As I mentioned awhile back, I learned to make salt scrubs at The Nova Studio this year. So I bought a bunch of oils and salt and I set about to make lots of scrub.

Bill laughed at me the day I was making all of this, as it looked like I was a mad scientist in a lab, with my giant jugs of oil, mixing cups, and many plastic containers. Here's the product glamor shot:
Scrubs in tubs

I actually gave them tied up cutely with a hand-crocheted washcloth, but I did not get a pretty product shot of that. I snapped this one late one night while I was wrapping things up:
Lots o' scrubs

I was originally going to make the washcloths myself, but then I found Etsy seller CocoaBeans and I went ahead and bought them from her. If you are looking for good quality hand-crocheted cotton washcloths at terrific prices, go straight over to her shop and pick some up for yourself. Excellent customer service, to boot. Can't beat that!

I bought the oils from Essential Wholesale -- great product, good prices, fast shipping. I ordered the 16oz plastic containers from Container & Packaging Supply -- if you need any kind of container in the world, check there. Amazing selection, great prices, low/no minimums, fast shipping.

I feared the biggest challenge would be finding waterproof labels, but then I stumbled upon these fantastic weatherproof mailing labels from Avery at Office Depot and they have held up perfectly in my shower every day for the past month or so, so I highly recommend them.

I kept one scrub for myself and I'm glad that I did -- it's really moisture-ific, which is definitely appreciated during these dry winter months.



Lori at The Nova Studio said...

kelly - those are the CUTEST salt scrubs ever! i love the way you packaged and labeled them - really nicely done. thanks for sharing and hope to see you again for more classes in 2009.

Shayne said...

I can attest - the scrub smells delicious and works great!

Lori Stoia said...

These are cute! Way to go!!!