Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Bill's green thumb

Dear Shayne,

You know I've been posting about my little plants lately? Well, Bill's got a jungle going on in the backyard that blows all of that away! He started with these tiny tomato plants about six weeks ago:
Bill's tomatoes: Early May
(Need to mention here that he also built that raised garden bed -- my man is craft-tay!)

Just look at those crazy plants now:
Bill's tomatoes: Late June
WOW. They are at least five feet tall. I have no idea how he did that -- he's like the Tomato Plant Whisperer or something.

And super exciting -- there's some fruit starting to grow:
A little tomato on the vine!

Yay! I loooove tomatoes!



Felicia said...

Yum! There are few things better on this earth than a fresh from the backyard tomato sandwich :)

Shayne said...

Wowee! That is a whole lot of tomato plants! Go Bill!