Monday, April 14, 2008

Not just a river in Egypt

Dear Shayne,

I've been knitting some little fingerless mitts for myself (yeah, that's pretty much all I knit. I'll admit it.) and I've been in denial about them since the thumbhole. I am already to the wrist -- it took me that long to admit the problem.

The thumbhole is too small. I've been trying them on along the way thinking, "Oh, they'll stretch. [knit, knit, knit] Oh, it's not so bad. [knit, knit, knit] Oh...[knit, knit...] crap."

So I've got to rip them back. I've also been suspicious of the method described in the pattern for making the thumbhole, so I'll take this opportunity to do what I usually do in that area, since it's tried and true. For posterity, here is what they look like right now (pre-rip):
Little Blue Wristlets

I am using some awesome yarn I bought at the big Yarn Show. Alpaca + pima cotton = soft, which I like.

The pattern is called "Little Green Wristlets" from the book 101 Designer One Skein Wonders and, as you can see from this photo from the book, they will be really cute someday:

I've been making both mitts at the same time which is great for a couple of reasons. One, when I make pattern modifications, I don't have to remember what I changed on the first one when I come to it much later on in the second one. Change something on one? Just change it on the other right then! (I'm not very good at writing down what I've changed in a pattern... I say, "Oh, I'll remember!" And then, sadly, I do not.)

I am also a victim of "Second Sock Syndrome" (SSS). Even though these aren't socks, the principle is the same: after finishing the first one of something, I am not too excited to start another one just like it. When making them both at the same time, I'll be done with the project when the knitting is done -- so satisfying!

The negative of knitting two at a time? Yeah. Now I've got to rip back two mitts instead of just one. Sigh.



Shayne said...

You can dooo eet! How many pairs of mitts are you up to? ;)

Jocelyn said...

I feel your pain. I still have not ripped back the far too small heel on my socks. I think it is like removing band-aids, the quicker you do it the less pain you'll be in! Of course, I'm not sure since I've been wearing my sock band-aid for over a month now...

kelly said...

Rip off that band-aid, Jocelyn! Rip it off!

The sooner you rip back those socks, the sooner you'll be wearing 'em! ;) Doooo eeeet!

kelly said...

Shayne -- Surprisingly, I only own 3 pairs of fingerless mitts myself. Guess I've given the rest of 'em away.

I sure am nice, aren't I? ;)