Friday, April 18, 2008

Dangerous trend

Dear Shayne,

As a fellow reader of craft blogs, I'm sure you've seen the recent trend of re-using security envelopes turned inside out -- so that the interesting "security pattern" is used either to make a new envelope or just cut up and used for various paper crafts.

I first saw this in a tutorial by Curiosity Shoppe owners Derek and Lauren on design*sponge. Here's a photo from that tutorial:
(Image from this tutorial at design*sponge)

There is even a flickr photo pool for security patterns. It's pretty neat -- there are a lot of super cool ones. Like this one. A this one -- wow! I've never seen one like that!

So why am I calling this trend "dangerous?" Cause I'm a packrat. I inherited this trait from my mother (Hi, Mom!) and grandmother. I've been fighting an uphill battle with clutter/packrattiness for several years now. Trends like this encourage me to carefully open my junk mail and see what's inside the envelope, rather than just shoving it through the shredder as I have trained myself to do in my many attempts "de-junkify."

Since being alerted to the potential coolness that lurks within, I have been looking at my junk mail, despite myself. Honestly, though, I haven't really found any good ones.

Until yesterday. I found a pretty good one yesterday.

Now I'm screwed.



Shayne said...

You're so easily swayed :) Have fun with your new obsession!

The Housewife said...

Who the heck knew? I can't wait until the next batch of junk mail comes so I can have a peek at it.