Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Yarn Farm

Dear Shayne,

I am a shareholder in a Fiber CSA called Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm. I originally read about it at not martha, when she was giving away a share of the spring harvest. I did not win, but I loved the idea, so I bought a share anyway. (Shares of the fall harvest are available here.)

(Photos taken from Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm.)

With this purchase, I not only support an independently owned and run fiber farm, but I will also get a share of yarn this Spring -- shearing day is April 19 (there will be a big festival, but I cannot make it) and the yarn will be processed sometime after that. There's also a blog that's a sort of newsletter for shareholders, but anyone can read it -- it's fun to see goats born now and know that I'll be knitting with their wool at some point in the future!

I'm telling you about this now for a few reasons. This is a craft blog, of course, so I will be reporting on my yarn winnings as soon as they arrive. Also, I know you love cuteness and the baby goats and the farm dogs are the frick-frackinest cutest things you've ever seen (Look! Cute dog and baby goat together!) And, finally, the lovely lady who is behind this CSA is having a contest and she is trying to drum up interest.

So consider this a drumming up of interest -- you don't have to be a shareholder to win. Here are the details (from her site):

"This giveaway is for one two-night, three-day weekend for up to two people ... on the beautiful Island on Martha's Vineyard on a mutually agreeable date. The trip includes lodging and three meals a day and all the farm work you can stand. The winner will spend the weekend at our townhouse ... and on our farm, getting to know the flock, doing morning and evening chores with us and learning everything you ever wanted to know about the gentle animals that grow your yarn. Of course, if you want to spend some of your time at the beach, that's okay too."

Okay, the "doing chores" part probably sounds a little strange, but I think it would be neat to "play farmer" for a weekend, knowing that I can go home to wildlife that consists of two cats and a dog. If it sounds at all interesting to you (or anyone reading this), go ahead and enter here.

Tiny Goat 1: Psst... if we win, we have to do chores!
Tiny Goat 2: We're too cute to do chores... ppffthht!


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Shayne said...

Oh my giddy god! I need baby goats! Now!!!!!!! I don't care if they give me hairballs!