Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pretty Little Books

Dear Kelly,

I had a Barnes & Noble gift certificate to spend the other week and got two books from a new series called "Pretty Little..." from Lark Books.

I chose Pretty Little Patchwork and Pretty Little Potholders. You can also get one on pin cushions and purses & pouches.

The projects look super cute and simple, which I definitely appreciate in a sewing project.

From the back of the books:

"Potholders are perfect canvases for showcasing fabulous fabric, using simple embellishments, and trying out novel ideas—as these charming, nostalgic projects prove! They’re easy, beautiful, and great for anyone looking to stitch something small but wonderful. All that’s needed are basic hand or machine sewing skills to complete a darling butterfly-shaped potholder with rickrack antennae. A playful oven mitt, in bright red with embroidered flames, sports the word 'caliente!' to remind the wearer to be careful. An introduction presents the vast range of textiles and embellishments available, and beginners will get the lowdown on batting options and guidelines for what makes a successful, functional potholder. All projects are showcased with full-color, close-up photography, and with any necessary templates and patterns."

"Patchwork—the piecing together of many different fabrics—is back! And it’s making a splash on fashion runways, in the hottest magazines, and on the coolest indie craft blogs. No wonder, because patchwork gives stitchers an exciting way to make use of their old fabric scraps; in effect, they’re designing new material by creating original combinations of patterns. Thanks to a pool of talented designers and this new entry in the popular Pretty Little series, anyone can pick out some fabrics and get started. Thirty projects showcase a variety of creative ideas, including funky ornaments, a silk scarf, star pincushions, a yoga-mat carrier, and much more. An introduction teaches the basic techniques, and all the projects appear in full-color, close-up photos."



kelly said...

I love those books! Potholders a great gift idea -- everyone needs new ones (right?) and they're not a huge time investment.

Plus, these are adorable!

A said...

I just found this blog, I think it's awesome. But I have two questions. How do you get so many comments / visitors? & also did you take your picture of the globe ? Or if not, where did you find it.

Thanks, A.

kelly said...

A, welcome to our blog!

As for your first question, we get comments/visitors by being active participants in the blogosphere and on other online communities such as flickr and craftster.

When you make a comment on someone's post, be sure to leave a link back to your own blog!

As for the photo of the globe, we purchased the original at istockphoto and then modified it for our header. Hope that helps!